Real Estate Centro Affari

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The successful agency Business Center operates in the real estate industry for over thirty years.

The Business Center takes care of the property purchase in all aspects of providing technical assistance contract until the deed. Its customers are those who have to sell and rent properties. Having settled with the best banking institutions, also offers a wide choice of soft loans.

"The Wall", and even today the pocket version "The Mini Message", are periodic with which the Business Center advertises real estate offers of Campobasso and other municipalities.

From an idea born in 1993, they have become a rich source of content and information where readers can find the most suitable offers to your needs. Flipping through magazines is possible to know the current legislation on buildings and finding information and insights on finance and economics topics. The print run of over 20,000 copies distributed throughout Molise, newsagents and made ​​free by leafleting.

The holder Dott. Antonio Di Vita and the entire agency's staff are waiting at the headquarters in Via P. di Piemonte n. 33, to make and meet your every need.


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