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Maduro & Curiel's Bank NV assist prospective clients, individuals, entrepreneurs, companies, partnership, organizations and multinational corporations in achieving and realizing their business financial requirement. We offer project finance and business loans to companies and individuals worldwide with viable business project/proposal on considerable terms. We welcome your inquiries at any time regarding any financial solutions you, your colleagues, or clients may seek, as we have many opportunities that can exceed your expectations in all of the areas we represent. All submitted project inquires shall be evaluating and approved by the investing banks within the stipulated time as informed:

[1] Business Partnering and Joint Venture Offers.

[2] Unsecured loans, Commercial loans

[3]Worldwide project financing

[4] Equity Loan Financing

[5] Personal Financing

[6] Issuance and discount of all bank instruments

Maduro & Curiel's Bank is an investment oriented bank desirous to invest money in the areas of agriculture, Real estates, Construction Undertakers, etc. We invest in any company with potentials for rapid growth and whose byelaws allow for foreign direct investments. We fund viable projects, and also invest in any viable, lucrative and profitable business. However, we insist that the host country must be politically stable, have good tax/fiscal policy, dependable investment infrastructure, and hospitable people and above all, must be a democratic society.

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Mr. Edward G. Logeman
Maduro & Curiel's Bank NV (17 branches)
Plaza Jojo Correa 2 - 4
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